Pearl Oden’s Hoop 4A Cause – July 15

Get ready to have some fun July 15 as we get the community together for a good ole basketball tournament for a GREAT CAUSE! The purpose of this fundraiser is to help deserving kids receive a Konnected to Excellence Scholarship. We’ve found that 75% of parents with youth interested in performing arts are unable to afford the cost. As a result, these youth miss opportunities to develop in areas of interests to keep them productive and active, building confidence and self-awareness.

So bring the entire family out to enjoy some basketball and live entertainment provided by some very talented young artists/dance groups.

There will also be a concession stand with snacks and drinks in case you get hungry (100% or the proceeds go to the Konnected to Excellence Scholarship Program).


We can’t wait to see you at the game!!! You can donate or purchase your ticket ($5) on or call 704-965-3434