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Learning and growing together

The Konnected Foundation is focused on garnering “win/win” partnerships that will institutionalize shared priorities such as empowerment through healthy, innovative lifestyle initiatives. Together we can engage the community with entertainment and wellness, while also culturally and economically enhancing Charlotte’s inner city by providing exposure to local businesses and organizations. The proposed activities will also align as a contribution to offset and reduce the negative effects of bullying experienced in our neighborhoods and schools as highlighted during the month of October- the national Anti-bullying month. Ultimately The Konnected Foundation and our partners are committed to ensuring more quality programs, activities and resources reach a wider range of people.  We have the power to change lives in this community and family focused events have a particular ability to engage, inform and entertain audiences.

Key Priorities

•      Encourage Konnectivity for Healthy

•      Vibrant Communities

•      Celebrate Diversity

•      Increase Youth Empowerment

•      Reinforce Local Economy

•      Embed Culture in Growth and Regeneration

Community volunteers create ownership and a future legacy of konnected events and programs. The value of volunteering will contribute ‘in kind’ to the offset of operational costs while also building capacity and forging community support. The intent is to develop a network of community leaders and organizations which will be intricately involved in the planning and execution. Hence the success of this event will be dependent on innovative staffing and volunteerism to ensure efficiencies.  The Konnected is gainfully soliciting organizations, community stakeholders, families and friends to volunteer their time and services. Participation will be the epitome of a community Konnected.