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We would like to welcome you to our educational T.E.A.C.H program created by The Konnected Foundation INC at the Konnected Entertainment and Wellness Center. The program will become an essential and educational benefit to the surrounding communities and the youth that reside within those communities. The program will contain an array of classes, seminars, workshops, hands-on training experiences, lifelong connections, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities. 


The program is for middle school & high school students. The First month of the program will be called WOW Month. In this month, the attendees will get a taste of classes in Technology, Engineering, Arts, Communication and Health. The facility will be an exploratory of new and creative experiences, where the children can make sound decisions in the class that they would like to take; this will become their “Major”. The staff will also encourage the selection of a class that they believe will be a great fit for the child based on their interaction with them. This class will become their “Minor”. Over the next few weeks, participants will work in major and minor fields, while creating a showcase to share with their families. At the end of the showcase, the youth will be honored in an awards ceremony, where they will receive a Program Completion certificate.



Technology – Website & App building

Engineering – Radio & TV sound engineering

Arts – Videography/Photography Editing, Dance, Visual Arts, 

Singing/Rapping & Theater

Communication – Media, Vlog, Blog, Article Writing (articles will 

be in The Konnected Magazine)

Health – Gardening  & Fitness



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